Our History

Job Pathways (Previously East Kimberley Job Pathways or EKJP) is a not-for-profit community development organisation owned in partnership by two well respected Aboriginal organisations – Wunan Foundation and KREAC.

Job Pathways was established in 2013 to deliver the Federal Government’s Community Development Program (CDP) across the broader East Kimberley and Halls Creek/Tjurabalan Regions. The CDP program includes Case Management, Work for the Dole activities and Post Placement Support. The program provides our participants with support to overcome barriers, increase skill sets, gain employment and provide supports after gaining employment.

The establishment of the Revive Store in 2017 was an initiative to provide a valued service to the community while creating meaningful employment opportunities for long-term unemployed people through an ‘intermediate labour market’ model integrated with the CDP program Waste to Wages.

2020 saw Job Pathways broaden its scope of social impact across the East Kimberley and Halls Creek/Tjurabalan Regions by establishing itself as a National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider (‘NDIS’) and a Containers Deposit Scheme (CDS) operator.

The diversity in services we provide allow us to deliver specialised supports to clients with a wide range of support requirements as well as increasing employment opportunities throughout the regions.

Job Pathways’ core values drive the holistic delivery of services throughout the business. The collaboration between business units and stakeholders is integral in ensuring the best outcomes for all our customers, participants, communities and stakeholders.

We have the courage to feel safe to speak up and make a difference. We are fearless in the pursuit of perfection and we challenge ourselves and each other to better each day.

We are committed to our customers, participants, communities and to each other.

And importantly, we care. We respect each individual and see potential in everyone. We care for each other, our customers, participants, communities and our environment.


To provide pathways to employment through engagement and training, promoting economic development and delivering services that enable participation.


To be a catalyst for change and break the cycle of welfare dependency: whereby communities are economically sustainable, families thrive, culture is strong, and people lead purposeful lives. 

Core Values

Courage, Commitment, Care & Collaboration.

White Ribbon

Job Pathways achieved White Ribbon Accreditation in 2019. Since then, the organisation has consciously chosen to be a leader in gender equity and provide a safe work environment for all. Job Pathways increases awareness and understanding of the impacts of violence against women by providing regular training sessions for our employees and offering professional support through our Employee Assistance Program.

White Ribbon Australia is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end men’s violence against women and girls and to promote gender equality, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity. White Ribbon, as part of this global movement, aims to create an Australian society in which all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse.

The Board

The Job Pathways Board and Executive Team draw from collective experience and knowledge of the culture and communities of the East Kimberley region to ensure the best quality delivery of the organisation’s various programs. Commonly aligned under the vision and mission of the organisation, our Executive Team work closely together to continue to progress Job Pathways towards success with each program.

Ian Trust
Board Member
Prue Jenkins
Board Member
Candice Peart
Board Member
Jamie Elliott
Board member
Neil Fong
Board Member
Russell Styche
Board Member
Elizabeth Brennan
Company Secretary

The Executive Team

Laura Little
Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca Mack
CDP Regional Manager – East Kimberley
Peter Gregory
Economic Development Manager
Jake Ward
Employment Services Manager
Jasmine Schubert
Disability Services Manager (Acting)
Tom Davidson
Disability Services Manager (Acting)
Henrik Loos
Henrik Loos
Chief Operating Officer
Craig Little
Revive Operations Manager


Job Pathways is a certified ISO9001 organisation.