Case Management

Job Pathways is dedicated to providing tailored support to jobseekers, regardless of their situation or background. We assist jobseekers to build skills and confidence to gain and retain meaningful employment and contribute to the communities in which they live.

At Job Pathways we understand that we are not all walking the same path. We make sure that our jobseekers have the right tools for success, and creating pathways that make them feel happy and valued.

Our experienced Case Management Officers will work together to build a job plan that helps our jobseekers take the first steps on their career pathways.

Case Management Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Training;
  • Resume creation;
  • Work for the Dole activity;
  • Licencing and identification support;
  • Referrals and access to support programs, such as mental health or finance supports; and
  • Pre-employment checks and referrals.

WfD Activities

At Job Pathways, we believe in the importance of creating a pathway for our jobseekers to feel valued and gain skills which lead to long term, sustainable employment. We do this by giving jobseekers the option to join our creative, innovative, flexible, and targeted work like activities. Over time, a WFD activity will build the skills and experience of the job seeker to provide them with a pathway to real employment.

Job Pathways Work for the Dole Activities:

  • establish a daily work-like routine for job seekers,
  • operate five days a week (Monday to Friday);
  • are guided by a skilled supervisor;
  • promote a skilled workforce of work-ready jobseekers; and
  • may involve certified training (licences and tickets!)

Under Social Security Law, job seekers who volunteer to participate in an approved program of work, including WFD are paid a supplement per fortnight to assist them to meet the additional costs of participation.

Post Placement Support

Job Pathways acknowledges the challenges that come with a transient Kimberley workforce. Our employment team are here to support our local employers to gain access to a cohort of work ready jobseekers, with skills that will contribute to your labour needs. Once a jobseeker is placed our support does not stop there. For the first 6 months, our team will work with employers and jobseekers to ensure everyone’s needs are met and desirable outcomes are achieved.

The post placement team not only provides support to our job seekers but we also provide the following supports to local employers:

  • Filling vacant positions;
  • Performance and progress discussions;
  • Support with transport barriers;
  • Pre-employment clearances;
  • Culturally appropriate advice;
  • Opportunities for further development; and
  • Once off employer incentive. Employers may be eligible to receive a once off payment once the new employee has worked for 6+ consecutive months. The intention is to encourage employers to provide the support needed to ensure a successful, long term placement.
    * Conditions apply*

Aboriginal Pastoral Academy

The Aboriginal Pastoral Academy (the Academy) is a collaboration between a group of industry and community stakeholders that aims to support employment pathways for Aboriginal people in the north-west pastoral industry of WA.

The Academy is a successful collaboration between pastoral pre-employment programs run by Nyamba Buru Yawuru and Job Pathways, and the Kimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s Association and backed by the State Government.

The Academy operates at various locations throughout northern WA and graduates from these pre-employment pastoral training programs are placed into employment on pastoral properties across the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. Graduates are intensively mentored for their first two years of employment, and their workplaces also receive a range of support throughout the placement.