Wayfinder Pathways

Wayfinder provides NDIS support throughout the East Kimberley that align to the needs of people living with a disability, their families and care networks. We are a registered NDIS Service Provider. We strive to align with the needs of our community and the people that live here.

NDIS Services

Wayfinder is an Indigenous-controlled NDIS services provider working throughout East Kimberley to deliver holistic support and care to participants, their families and care networks. We use an individualised, person-centred model of care to ensure participant have choice and control throughout their NDIS journey.

The services we provide are:

  1. Assistance with Daily Activities, Social and Community Participation.
    Wayfinder will understand what you need to have an enjoyable life using your budget, while supported by a support mentor. This could be achieved by being active within your community, gaining vital to develop independence, trying new activities, meeting new people, or visiting family and friends.
  2. Capacity Building
    Wayfinder will provide tailored short-term or ongoing support to strengthen your ability to manage your life independently and participate in your community.
  3. Employment
    Wayfinder will provide participants with mentoring throughout their journey to find and keep a job. Participants will be supported to explore employment opportunities and develop skills, working with care networks and employers to ensure you are supported to achieve goals. This could include educating your employer about needs, managing workplace modifications or developing career plans.

Read the Wayfinder Participant Handbook: POL_496_WayfinderParticipantHandbook_V02_20230404

NDIS Support Coordination

Wayfinder Support Coordination assists with delivering your NDIS plan to meet your needs. We understand the unique requirements needed to access tailored disability supports in remote towns and communities. Your Support Coordinator will listen to you, your family and care networks to understand what a good life looks like to you. They will empower you to have choice and control over what informal, mainstream, and funded supports you use to help reach your goal. Wayfinder Support Coordination will be with you throughout your NDIS journey, building your ability and independence to live your best life.

NDIS Accommodation

Wayfinder offers supportive Short and Medium term accommodation in motel-style rooms.

Short Term Accommodation (STA) or respite, allows NDIS participants to have a break in a safe and secure location, while taking part in meaningful activities and having access to a support mentor.

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) provides participants suited to low care with a motel-style room. This is suited to participants that do not require 24-hour supports, food or activities.

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