11 June 2024

Orange Sky FAQs

Orange Sky in partnership with Job Pathways is bringing one of their bright orange solar-powered remote laundry vehicles, fitted with three washing machines and three dryers, to the Kununurra community. Orange Sky is a not-for-profit organisation supporting people in need with free mobile laundry facilities and a safe space for genuine connection.

Not only will the laundry truck offer locals a safe space to connect and do their washing for free; the partnership with will also provide employment opportunities for locals to become part of the team and operate the laundry service.

The mobile laundry facility will be available to the public in Kununurra from Monday 17th June.


  1. Who is Orange Sky?
    Orange Sky is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to supporting people experiencing hardship with free mobile laundry services, and a space to chat and connect. Orange Sky has been operating since 2014 and their mission is to create a safe, positive and supportive environment for people experiencing homelessness and hardship and who are often ignored or feel disconnected from their community.
  2. When will the service be available to access?
    The Orange Sky Kununurra service will officially launch and be open to the public on Monday June 17, 2024.
  3. How does the van operate?
    The mobile laundry facility has 3 x 10kg washing machines and 3 x 10kg dryers. There is a hot water heater for a hot wash and automatic detergent pumps, so people don’t need to bring their own detergent. The facility is mostly powered by solar to reduce its environmental footprint so all we need is to connect to a clean water tap and waste point to operate the truck.
  4. Who will operate the service in Kununurra?
    Orange Sky is launching the Kununurra service in partnership with Job Pathways. Job Pathways will be offering volunteering and employment opportunities to locals to assist in the operations of the laundry truck.
  5. Can anyone use the service?
    Yes, anyone in need can use the laundry truck. Everyone is welcome.
  6. Is there a limit on how much washing one person can do?
    There is no limit on the amount of washing someone can bring to the Orange Sky Kununurra service. The laundry van has three washing machines and three dryers on board, with a load of washing and drying taking approximately 1 hour.
  7. Do we need to supply our own laundry liquid / powder?
    All laundry detergent is supplied by Orange Sky, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own. The washing detergent is specially formulated for Orange Sky, it includes an antibacterial agent and sanitiser, and it also doesn’t contain fragrance, so it’s suitable for people with sensitive skin. The detergent is added to the machines automatically to ensure that anyone using the service has a consistent laundry experience at every shift.
  8. When and where can we access the laundry truck?
    The Orange Sky laundry truck will be available to anyone in need from Monday to Friday. Details on the times and locations of shifts to come.
  9. Can I apply for a job to operate the laundry truck?
    Please visit the Job Pathways website to enquire about employment opportunities supporting the operations of the laundry truck.
  10. How can I become an Orange Sky volunteer?
    Please email orangesky@jobpathways.org.au to enquire about volunteering opportunities.
  11. Do you have to pay for the service?
    The Orange Sky laundry service is completely free.
  12. Do I have to share any personal details to access the service?
    No personal details are required for you to use the Orange Sky service. Everyone is welcome, no questions asked.
  13. How does the Orange Sky laundry service help improve skin health?
    Our laundry facility has a water heater to make sure every wash is a hot wash. A 30-minute wash with hot water can kill harmful bacteria and kill scabies mites and we know this is important for skin health. A hot water wash is also important when washing after natural disasters to kill harmful bacteria.


Established in Brisbane in 2014, Orange Sky is the world’s first free mobile laundry and shower service, now operating in 38 locations across Australia and 4 in New Zealand.

Our mission is to create a safe, positive and supportive environment for people experiencing homelessness who are often ignored or feel disconnected from the community. Staffed by volunteers who are empathetic listeners and great conversationalists, Orange Sky aims to positively connect everyday Australians and New Zealanders through clean clothes, warm showers and conversation via our iconic mobile orange vans.


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